Is self-control just choice?

This is not self-control

This is not self-control

Our new paper at Current Directions in Psychological Science asks whether self-control is “special,” or whether it is just like any other choice. We present a model for understanding and modeling self-control as value-based choice, and discuss the advantages that emerge from this approach. The most significant implication: extensive knowledge about how value-based choice works, including its various quirks and biases, can be brought to bear on the questions of why self-control sometimes fluctuates over time and how it might be improved.

Citation info:
Berkman, E.T., Hutcherson, C.A., *Livingston, J.L., *Kahn, L.E., & Inzlicht, M. (in press). Self-control as value-based choice. Current Directions in Psychological Science. [pdf]

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