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CIGARETTE SMOKERS: Are you interested in quitting smoking while participating in paid research?

We need adult smokers over the age of 25 who are interested in quitting for a research study.

This study will take place over the course of 30 days under the direction of Dr. Elliot Berkman at the University of Oregon Department of Psychology. In this study, we hope to learn more about how simple messages can help people who want to quit smoking succeed in doing so. If you participate in our study, we will ask you to read and respond to several text messages a day, and attend two testing sessions at the Department of Psychology.

We’re looking for adults who have NOT been diagnosed with any developmental disabilities, psychiatric conditions, or neurological disorders.

Aside from time spent on text messages, this study may take up to two hours of your time total across two sessions. If you qualify for and complete this study, you may receive up to $50 for participating.

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Find out if you qualify for this study.  Please note that participants can enroll in only one study at a time.